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Optimising your Pipe Assets | SASTT Trenchless Technology

Maximising the value of an asset over its life cycle begins with the original design and ends with the decision to terminate or dispose of it. Achieving the best return

on investment along the way is a scientific process.

Effective pipeline asset management systems assist in the correct allocation of funds for both infrastructure and service levels in a cost effective manner, resulting in a reduction of catastrophic failures. Advantages include minimal service disruptions, lower risk of human injury/death, reduced damage to the environment and surrounding properties, and improved quality of life. The right process also minimises the costs of emergency repairs and defines a logical programme for repair and replacement of capital facilities and equipment.

As a leader in this field, Camjet provides a range of specialist pipeline services allowing it to partner with its clients through the complete life cycle of their assets. The primary components of any asset management programme include the identification, location and conditional assessment of assets. Conditional assessments provide the critical information needed to assess the physical condition and functionality of the system, and estimate the remaining service life plus asset value. Camjet’s CCTV pipeline inspections enable the quick, accurate and cost-effective examination of drains, sewers and other pipelines without causing any damage to the infrastructure.

GIS benefits

Effectively integrating asset data with geographical information systems (GIS) is

the key to successfully managing water and wastewater systems. Camjet’s specialist GIS Department integrates information from a range of sources – e.g. CCTV, GPS, GIS, and as-builts – into one manageable system, so that better-informed decisions can be made based on all relevant factors. For example, pipeline failure could be caused not only by age, but by material, surrounding soil, weather and a range of other external factors. By analysing all related factors, it

is possible to determine which assets are located in the ‘hot spot’ areas and plan

priority maintenance activities.

Maintenance and rehabilitation

Camjet’s maintenance and rehabilitation units allow the company to effectively solve all issues identified during conditional assessments. The servicing and cleaning of pipelines is expertly handled by a range of high-pressure jetting units, combination units, vacuum trucks and recycling units. These cater to a variety of pipe sizes, from small domestic pipelines to large municipal trunk lines, as well as specific conditions.

The company’s holistic approach to pipeline rehabilitation has led to it extending its services to include pipe bursting and pipe cracking. These well-established trenchless methods are widely used for the replacement of existing and deteriorated pipelines or the installation of new, factory-manufactured

pipe without the need to dig up the entire pipe length.

Camjet prides itself on providing the latest sustainable solutions for both standard and non-standard pipeline systems, and caters for a range of specialist services including a combination of CCTV, laser and sonar surveys. The company is an invaluable partner through the lifespan of clients’ assets.

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