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Pipeline Rehabilitation

Directional boring is used in place of other techniques for the following reasons

• Less traffic disruption • Lower cost • Deeper installation possible • Longer installation possible • Shorter completion times • Directional capabilities • Safer for the environment • Increased use of HDD technology has followed in making individual projects more affordable • Road cuts, which are expensive to renovate, are minimized. • No additional expense arising from closed streets, or railways. • The need for moving, repairing, monitoring and other long term costs associated with trench contract is term through the use of HDD crossings • HDDs are possible year-round • Minimal to non-existent reclamation costs to the obstacle crossed since surface Interference along the lining up drilled is minimized.

Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling is a trenchless boring method for installing services (cables, pipes & conduits) without excavation under roadways. 

CIPP Point Repairs

Camjets' Cured in Place Pipe Repair (CIPP) technology is a trenchless pipeline repair alternative to traditional open cut repair and replacement of damaged pipelines. The lining system utilised by Camjet is the most effective way to repair cracked or broken pipes.

Pipe Cracking

Pipe cracking (Pipe Bursting) is the replacement of existing piping by displacement (pulling force) of buried pipelines, without the need for traditional construction trenching. 

HDPE Butt Welding

Butt welding of HDPE pipelines from trenchless pipe rehabilitation

What Our Clients Say

Camjet Pipeline Rehabilitation
Camjet Water and Waste Solutions Durban Capetown Johannesburg
"We appreciate the outstanding service your good company has provided during the disaster resulting from the recent floods in Durban. Your reaction from the time we first engaged was professional, you thereafter promptly embarked on the huge task and delivered and exceptional service. We are truly appreciative by the level of commitment and professionalism demonstrated by you and your team. Please accept our sincere gratitude in appreciation of these tireless efforts. It has been a pleasure doing business with you."
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