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Laser Profiling

Pipeline performance and condition assessment Webinar

Pipelines are a costly investment however if installed and maintained properly they can provide many decades of trouble-free service. Accurate knowledge of the condition of a pipeline is essential to avoid unforeseen costs an unplanned replacement expenditure. Internal examinations / inspections are important when it comes to ensuring longevity & health of pipelines. History

The traditional pipe profiling methodology was labor intensive, and it didn’t reveal the specific problems with the pipeline. A mandrel was pulled by two operators through the pipe to figure out if there were any debris, deposits, or pipe deflections. This process was not only tedious and time consuming, but also required digging up pipes at times. Moreover, there was no way to understand what caused the mandrel to stop.

Why profile a pipeline?

With the advent of modern cameras and profiling, laser pipe profiling technology has emerged as a quicker, less physical, and more accurate pipeline inspection method. This is the technology of using lasers along with cameras for accurate identification of pipe joints, cracks, and deflection.

What should engineers look for in laser profilers?

Camjet Laser Profiling
What should engineers look out for in laser profilers?

Types of profiling :

1. Direct Measurement

2. Laser light ring

Benefits of Laser Profiling:

1. Internal corrosion pit detection and measurement 2. Accurate identification of the location of leaks 3. Provides clear visuals related to the condition of the pipeline interior, including debris. 4. Mapping the exact location of joints/junctions PowerPoint Presentation

5. Helps operators identify the sources and reasons of unexplained flow restrictions and blockages. 6. Assessment of any changes in pipeline materials.

Camjet Laser Profiling
Digisewer Sample

Camjet Laser Profiling
Sample Profiler Footage

Camjet Laser Profiling
Sample Profiler Report

Camjet Laser Profiling
Sample Profiler Report


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