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Asset Management at the click of a button

Successful water and waste management are key challenges for municipalities around the world, as is providing communities with safe and reliable access to clean water. As infrastructure ages and populations continue to grow, these challenges can become more difficult to manage effectively.

Effective Information management is another problem we often face. With pipelines, as with other assets, it is no different; we can often have the information but without easy access to it, its value is greatly reduced.

Innovative pipeline asset management tools can provide valuable information on

buried assets. Knowing what assets utilities have and when they will require rehabilitation is crucial for planning and fiscally responsible decision- making.

The magic happens, however, when we integrate this information with the power

of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), making the data obtained easily available at the click of a button. The information does not need to be collected at one time and in most instances historical data can be included in the intergration process.

Data can also be easily updated so that the latest situation is always available to

assist with decision-making and planning.


Camjet has, over many years, developed the CoveGIS software that will integrate

the data, allowing you to enjoy the power of having information – literally at the click of a button.

CoveGIS is an add-on to ArcGIS, developed specifically for the pipeline industry which incorporates multiple labour-intensive functions into a fully automated, easy to-use, highly specialised pipeline asset management system that addresses both pre- and post-GIS processes. It is designed to save time and money, allowing users to obtain the maximum value out of future, current, and aged data. With this system – which seamlessly integrates GIS information, GPS surveys, CCTV video, inspection images, and conditional databases – risk assessments can now be performed at the click of a button, enabling better capital planning decisions with reliable dynamic information.

Camjet can provide the complete answer by obtaining the information from trenchless conditional assessments and integrating it into a GIS mapping system, or by using your existing information and simply making it more accessible and usable.

Pipe identification

CoveGIS will make it possible to identify the right pipe to be replaced or

repaired; the use of a risk analysis will determine the right time required and engineering principles will determine the right material and standards. By making use of asset management principles in conjunction with geographic information systems, it is possible to incorporate knowledge of pipeline conditions, risk assessments, and engineering principles into one comprehensive program for managing pipeline assets from one central location at the click of a button. The primary objective of any asset management program is to provide utilities with guidance on how to effectively use conditional assessment information and techniques to improve both the long-term planning and day-to-day management of assets. It is, however, imperative that these tools are easy to use, quick, reliable, and accurate – minimising lengthy labourintensive processes.

CoveGIS helps streamline planning and decision-making by establishing maintenance priorities, budgets, and the planning of future projects, as well as providing information on the condition and useful life of a utility’s infrastructure. The software moves utilities from reactive to proactive asset management and bridges the gap between operations, engineering, and finance.

A number of recent reports have highlighted the need for better asset management practices in the water and wastewater industry as existing infrastructure ages. The prevailing thought is that better understanding, planning, and efficiency can help utilities save money and provide better service to customers as they renew these assets.

As water and wastewater infrastructure reaches the end of its design life,

combining condition assessment with an asset management strategy will help utilities overcome the financial burden of ageing infrastructure.

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