Camjet prides itself in being a truly innovative company, keeping abreast of the latest trends and advancements in the industry. With this being said it is important to note that one of our major aims is to not only to create new advancements in the field of GIS, but also to contribute and build on knowledge that already exists within the field.

Across the country there are thousands of community water and wastewater systems, the challenges to municipalities are: Lack of funding, increased regulation, Asset Management, Constant deterioration of existing networks, Limited ability to increase municipal revenues & Environmental issues.The health of our communities and our quality of life are at stake. CoveGIS meets these challenges by providing an overall infrastructure management solution with long-term sustainability.

CoveGIS is a complete decision support tool which enables asset management and planning for pipe systems. CoveGIS seamlessly integrates GIS information, CCTV video, Inspection Images, Conditional databases and other related information to help prioritize rehabilitation, aid asset management and replacement of pipeline systems ensuring quick information decision making.


CoveGIS was developed as an add-on to ArcGIS for the pipeline industry, to incorporate multiple labour intensive functions into a fully automated, easy to use, highly specialised system which addresses both pre and post GIS processes. It has been designed to save time and money and allows users to obtain the maximum value out of future, current and aged data.


CoveGIS seamlessly integrates the following: GIS information, GPS Surveys, CCTV videos, Inspection images & Conditional databases. Risk Assessment can be performed enabling better capital planning decisions with reliable dynamic information.



  • CoveGIS provides users with powerful tools which effectively tackles the challenges faced with large data sets which include the update, verification and management of data. With the click of a button we are able to sift through thousands of records, highlight problems and at the same time make respective corrections and ensure that the data meets the client’s specified standards.

  • CoveGIS is open to customization, not fixed to certain applications, however fully customizable to suite the clients every need, this flexibility provides a truly comprehensive service to the client.

  • CoveGIS provides the user the ability to create Thematic Maps at a click of a button.

  • Advanced filtering allows the CoveGIS users too easily and quickly locate features and make changes to them. Advanced tools also including reporting tools for the creation of professional reports that are fully customizable to the client’s requirements.

  • With CoveGIS reports are dynamic and reflect the current status in the data warehouse. Reports / queries can be performed for a single asset type only, or for multiple asset types simultaneously allowing for comprehensive reporting on strategic, management and operational levels.